19 and Retired…

Dakota Mclearn is this kids name…

He’s cranking out a life by design faster than I have even seen before. But the kids only 19, how the hell is that even possible?

One word folks… Determination!

I first meet Dakota over Christmas and New Years in 2010 when I was living in Canada building my business and learning to snowboard with another awesome marketer Kameron George. It tell ya, this kid was young, stupid and just didn’t give a crap about life at the time. He just lived for the pay check to spend the cash living for the weekend. Working as a tradesman and was one of those people I would in all honestly look at and think there is no way in hell he is ever going to jump online and build up killer lifestyle for himself.

But Dakota did the freeeeeeekkkkinggg impossible. When he got started he didn’t give a rats ass about what other people said. What was the result? This kid matched his tradesmen income in a mere 41 days and quit his job! A short while later he was driving a nice slick BMW and soon after that he’s pulling in a cool $6,000/month minimum working a couple hours a week, without a phone, all from Thailand, living the dream.

If a 19 year old kid can retire in 41 days and make more than a corporate executive stuck in a 60 hour a week day job… Then what’s your excuse? You don’t have one, get to work and make it happen!

I’ll stop rambling now and just let the kid speak for himself with what I consider one the best videos I have seen online in a very, very long time from the 1000′s I’ve seen.

Good stuff Dakota and keep crushing it!

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  • pierre martell

    Hey Dakota,

    Love the name…man this video was great …I am a motorcycle and car racer…so I was taken by the fluidity of the rider which I hope was you…

    Now…for what you said I could not repeat ”ONE WORD”of the message!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I was as I said too involved in the images…could not distinguish what you were saying because the music was over it too loud…In my humble opinion..humble is not in my vocabulary___sorry!!!

    I wish I could have learned something…maybe next time …..

    Take care Man…


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