We Live Unbound. Now It’s Your Turn :) [VIDEO]

live free regretDo you live unbound?

Or has life got you by the ball and chain locked into a routine that you’re not truly passionate about?

There is a video below…

I first watched this video over a year and was extremely moved by it.

It really resonates with me as right now I’m living in Big White in Canada and living my version of the dream just snowboarding daily.

After Canada I’ll be off to for a few months in Thailand for beach weather with perhaps with a quick stop home in Australia first.

And hen it’s going to be somewhere warm again to skydive daily for 6 months strait or off the Chile to snowboard another season.


I’m still undecided on that last part as that’s a good 6 months away.

I’m living unbound. It’s a great way to live life :)

Back to the video now though. It’s definitely built more for the extreme sports enthusiast but words are powerful. When you listen to the words you could easily put any series of videos behind the audio. It’s very universal and applies to everyone.

This video is great as it opens your mind.

I think that humanity really lives ‘bound’ rather then ‘unbound’ like in the video below as there is an old way of thinking.

We get up, go to work, go to sleep, live for the weekend and repeat it for 50+ years in what is supposed to be a ‘fulfilling career’. Most people do this without even realising it. They play a zombie role or better yet just acts as sheep and never question what they would rather be doing.

As children we were so creative and our imagination was a playground.

What happened tough?

As you become an adult you kind of accept that ‘reality has kicked in’. But there are those who chose to still live in that wonderful land of creativity. I’m one of them and it’s an awesome place to be so if you watch this video and your childhood spark reignites then I’m glad I helped.

Living an awesome life where you can’t wait to jump out of bed every morning might be closer that you think :)



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