What Is Success? Pssst… It’s NOT What You Think :P

What Does Success Actually Look Like?

How do we define what success really looks like?

Well that’s easy right?

It means you are wealthy beyond your wildest dreams living in a mansion, you have the million dollar car, a trophy partner and a lifestyle envied by all!

Or is it…

This is what society portrays as the definition of success as we grow up in the era of over consumption and excessive spending. From the day you are born you are cultivated into believing that you must, go to school, get good grades, get a degree and work for the man your whole life.

As this is what everyone else does so you need to follow the same path. And if you don’t follow this path you will become a delinquent screw up!

You must do it or you will not be part of the ‘in crowd’ and get laughed at…

Really? A screw up and the in crowd…

If find this extremely interesting as I went through all of this as a youngster and according to society I really should be a screw up.

I was in the slower class as school because I didn’t conform as I saw study and school and pointless and boring.

Looking back at where most of the people of my graduating class are today I have to say I’m the most successful and not to get cocky about it and talk myself up. No this is not about me it’s about something much bigger.

They conformed…

I didn’t…

And the funny thing is I went against the grain my whole life. Step outside the box with me for a moment…

What do 99.99% of people in society look up to and believe success to be?

The rich…
The famous…
The unique…
The strange…

Funny how everyone we look up to is following their dreams and simply doesn’t give a rats ass about what society thinks!

One thing I didn’t mention above was ‘the average’ as why would someone want to look up to the average. Quite simply they wouldn’t.

Everyone who we look up to is very indifferent and doesn’t care about what others think, they have been beaten down to a pulp and got back up again for the millionth time to keep on going. They have had doors slammed in their face after being spat on. And did I mention they have heard no thousands of times?

They hustled, hustled and hustled some more till they made it!

We look up to those people who chase one thing and one thing only.

… to live out their dream!

They couldn’t care less about what others think as they know where they are going and nothing will stop them!

Yet if we take a step back to normal life where 99.99% of people work a 9 – 5 job there is no possible way you can say that the average person is chasing their dream!

I have a task for you…

Find someone who is in a high flying corporate career pulling in a cool $250,000 a year working 100+ hours a week.

And ask them if they are living the dream. I can already tell you the answer you will get…

A big HELL NO! If they say yes I guarantee you if you look in their eyes you will see the lie.

Ask any child what they aspire to be and they will spill their guts in telling you all about their dreams of being writers, painters, artists, performers, musicians, athletes and a million and one other things.

Heck the oldest memory I have of being a child and what I wanted to do when I grew up was to be a dinosaur after seeing the first Jurassic Park. Bit of a WTF right? Well that was just me, a child, in raw form, before society push me in the direction of conformity. I’m glad I broke out of that box though.

Not one single child will tell you…

I want to be an investment banker…
Where I work 100+ hours a week…
Where I feel trapped in an office cubical…
While having no life…
So I can make $250,000 a year…
And be so stressed out on the weekend all I want to do is collapse…
And never be able to enjoy the money I’m making…
And finally going to bed on Sunday night dreading Monday morning as I have to do it all again!

Yet the above is exactly what society defines as ‘success’ and that you are delinquent scum who will be judged a put down if you don’t aspire to chase the big pay cheque after going to school, getting a degree and working a boring ass job.

I’m sorry but these two just don’t match up…

On one side we aspire to be like those who chase their dreams and on the other side we are taught to get stuck in a boring cycle of working a job simply to get paid to do something we hate.

So what is success?

It’s about chasing your dreams and not caring about what others think!

It’s better to live a short and meaningful life while doing the things we love than to live out a long, boring, prolonged life where we simply work a job doing the things we hate.

Right now I live on a mountain in Canada where I get to snowboard every single day. Have the wildest view around me for as far as the eye can see while living in the best house I’ve ever lived in. I work only a few hour a week and have fun with the rest of my time.

But according to society I’d be a screw up…

As I don’t work a regular job and I dropped out of university a few times. Yet I’ve living a lifestyle the majority would die to have.

Yet I even after this success I have friend who message me on Facebook telling me to ‘get a grip’ or ‘wake up and smell the roses’. Or the best one I  absolutely am in love with ‘Dom, when are you coming back to Perth to get a job’.  The interesting part about this all is that these comments come from people who work day jobs and buy into the face that there is nothing better in life but to work for 50 years and retire with little money.

I don’t write about this to gloat but to rather make a point with a real life situation about how society mould people into thinking life should be hard and you shouldn’t have lots of money with time freedom to lead a life full of fun and excitement.

Funny old world aint it?

Check out this quick video by Joe Rogan that basically talks about the same thing I’m talking about in this post:

It’s time to stand up and say enough is enough!

Set yourself free once and for all!

Life is supposed to be about endless experiences and not feeling trapped in a capsule that society tries to place us in.

So once and for all chase your dreams! The truth is that if you are passionate about what you do the money will follow…

It’s not a game of chase the money and the lifestyle will follow. It’s a hard concept to explain in a few mere words but you have to start living the life you want to live if you want the monetary success also.

It’s quite simple really if you take a bird’s eye perspective.

To work a job you hate only putting in enough effort to keep you from getting the boot…

Or to follow what you are passionate about that you don’t see as work even if you are working at it 15 hours a day.

It’s time to stop dreaming! Wake up and snap yourself out of the box you have been living in and chase what you truly love in life.

You will be ridiculed…

It’s not even a probability, fact is you will lose friends, as they will envy and won’t admit it. Just go back and re-read the example about the my friend ridiculing me and that’s not on the rise up that while I’ve got to a good place.

I have a business partner who’s made 10s of millions and consults with individuals and companies worth so much that the average persons mind can’t comprehend how much they are truly worth. He still get ridiculed about his choices in life.

It will never end but boy oh boy is the end game worth it? Freedom, daily, to do what you love and just have fun in life.

Oh man it is!

Oh yea you will also have doors slammed in your face…

People will tell you to ‘get a grip’ and get back to what everyone else does just like I explained before…

Other will tell your right to your face ‘how full of shit they think you are’. Yep this one happened to me also by someone who used to b a flat mate. I moved out of that house quite fast after that. Haters goona hate and I refuse to surround myself with people like that. Fuck em I say!

It’s not going to be easy…

Again, will it be worth it? Damn strait it will be! Even if it took your 5 years of struggling to live out your dreams would it be worth it?

You tell me! A life where what you hate the ‘grind’ verses a small struggle to live out the life you want for the rest of your days.

I think the choice is obvious.

My mission here is to wake you up to the possibilities you have in life. Where you don’t have to buy into the age old bull shit of ‘go to school and get good grades so you can get a safe secure job that you hate’ but rather lead you in the right direction so you can follow you dreams. The same also applies to trade schools or other education avenues where you still end up doing something you don’t love.

My definition of success is to cut through the bull shit and do what it takes to follow your dreams to live the life that you want! Not to live a meaningless life that society expects you to live.

You owe it to yourself to live out the life you truly desire…


  • Awesome article Dominik and great photos!

  • I just wrote a paper about the falseness of the American Dream in the face of a community of struggling individuals. When I checked out your blog I was so surprised to see a post in support of exactly the same thing! Ralph Waldo Emerson’s thoughts on the matter are wonderful and I enjoyed that as a background for your post. Good thoughts :)

  • I want to to thank you for this great read!!

    I absolutely loved every little bit of it. I’ve got you bookmarked to check out new things you

  • First all thank you for writing the post. I share so many of your thoughts, and have become enlighten by others. Again thank you.

  • Just put in my two week’s notice yesterday.

    I realized I would rather pay myself an extra 55+ hours per week than get paid ~$1150 per week by a company.

    Exciting times – - nice post, Dom

    • Thanks man and congrats also!

      More power to you. Yea $1,150 is peanuts compared to where you can take your business with what you do online with what I know you do.

      That’s like $20.90/hr before you break it down. It take hard work and dedication but getting to that $5k/m and then consistent $10k months and having it super residual is not that hard if your committed to it. And when you break that down and it takes 10 hours to maintain that $10k/m residual. I know what one i’d rather take. $1,000/hr any day and freedom in life.

      Main this is to enjoy what you do and chase what you want in life instead of living up to others expectations :)

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